Two Wheel Tuesday

Why Two Wheels

Be more independent

You become more punctual as you are not dependent from crowded and sweaty subways, delayed buses, canceled trains and car traffic jam

Commute Faster

You are faster than public transport on average for trips <13km in urban areas. But you are also more productive by 4 to 15

Save Money

You save money from taking public transport or worst… a car! Actually on a 5 year period, you can save up to 20k€ by giving up your car for good

Be in Good Shape

You burn approx. 500 calories per hour commuting which means on average 6kg during your 1st year of biking-towork

Live Longer

You can extend your life of one hour for every hour spent riding a bike. You reduce your chances of becoming sick of 15%

Improve Society

You contribute to a better society by reducing traffic, improving air quality and fighting climate change