Two Wheel Tuesday

Best Practices

Who am I? 

This must be the first question to be asked. Who am I, and what experience am I looking for as a bike commuter?

From the most relaxed city bike to the sportiest performance bike, you will find what’s best for you.

You should choose your bicycle considering your fitness level and the way you want to commute. If you’re already into cycling and want to make it part of your training, the performance road bike will suit you. You can make your journey easier riding an endurance or fitness bicycle, enjoying its more upward position. Nothing gets more relaxed than the city bike, a great choice if charging up hills is not really your thing. 

And if you need a little boost, most of these bikes have an electric option, which can be of great help on the climbs.

What’s my route like?

The type of surface you’ll ride on is the second thing to consider. Check the next step to get started!