Two Wheel Tuesday

Our Actions

Raising Awareness

Blogs & video

We generate content for both commuters and their employers to help them in the transition to a two wheel commute.

We stand in physical places during peak hours to encourage cyclists, have a chat with them at traffic light and offer them breakfast for free




We often get featured on both traditional press and social media to make the voice of bike commuters heard

Taking The First Step

Weekly Challenge

We regularly launch some viral chains on social media where one is sharing a selfie of himself on the bike and challenges three other friends or colleagues to do the same following tuesday

Coaching & workshops

Corporate Mobility Plan

We work with several organizations to improve their mobility plan based on legal, financial and organizational incentives available to increase employee happiness, lower their carbon footprint and control their costs

Building a community

Ambassador program

the movement is constantly increasing thanks to the help of the ambassadors who contribute on a voluntary basis to developing the movement. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, contact us 🙂


Online content

Sometimes we also partner with other organizations to provide gifts for members of the community during online contests